GRE Preparation Course

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أهلا وسهلا بكم في الدورة التحضيرية لامتحان GRE الذي سيغير مجرى حياتك لمتابعة دراساتك المستقبلية وتحقيق ما تطمح له من تميّز.
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المنهاج الدراسي هو عبارة عن كتب من دور نشر أميركية عالمية مثل

The Princeton Review
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طالب متمكن من الامتحان بحيث يحصل مجموع عالي في الامتحان
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The Princeton Review
المدة 1 أسبوع
الجهد المطلوب 6 ساعات اسبوعيا

عن المحاضر:

Damascus, Syria. Mob: 00963 932 69 44 89 – Phone: 00963 11 3313815
E-Mail: [email protected]
Military Service: Exempted
Mhd Saeed Albarazi
2005-2010 BSc in Economics/Business Administration
Average: 58.5 - Damascus University
2003-2004 Scientific Baccalaureate. grade: 209\24

experience 2016-present
• Gateway advisory group.
Public and International Relations manager
• Sky Education for Higher Studies.
GRE and GMAT Instructor
• New Horizons computer and languages international center.
English instructor and international tests trainer
• New Horizons "EDEXCEL" international center.
Lecturing at Business Administration and management diploma: Management skills and communication skills.
• Al-Abjadya international training center
Teaching general English courses using American English file series and American interchange Series.
Achieved 1152 full teaching hours in the year 2014 (Rank 1).
• Member and Translator with Erasmus + program in cooperation between the Syrian ministry of higher education and the European Union for mobility of staff, scholarships and capacity building in higher education for academic and vocational purposes.
Translation of program guides, mandates, formalities, regulations, contracts.

• Sham Higher institute for Arabic and Islamic studies public relations officer.
- Raising awareness for Syrian students about scholarships of Erasmus + program in cooperation with the European Union.
- Organizing events and conferences and being part of this conference at Damascus university in cooperation with the ministry of higher education.
- Preparing and leading open days at the beginning of every study year for new students and launching advertisement campaigns in cooperation with media and press.
- Preparing and organizing graduation ceremonies and doing the related PR responsibilities.

• Sham Higher institute for Arabic and Islamic studies.
- lecturer in the college of Economics (professional management in use, professional finance in use (Cambridge university curriculum).

• Hadid aviation International Services.
- permits team-ground handling team-vendor relations

Hadid international is a leading company in the middle east and north Africa in the field of aviation support.
• Techmedic for medical tools and equipments.
- sales manager: leading promotional campaigns and managing the sales team by dividing the market into sectors: health centers, clinics, hospitals, seniors and juniors care centers.
• Nouresham Book Centre.
- Branch manager: Nouresham is the local agent in Syria for international publishers like Oxford, Cambridge, Wiley, McGraw Hill, Princeton, Elsevier, my role as a branch manager was to study the market needs for new books and do the related marketing and accounting procedures, and to lead advertising campaigns at universities, embassies, internet.

• Project Management Professional "PMP"
Venture International

• TESOL (1) and TESOL (2) certified New Horizons
"professional English instructor", (Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages).
• Quality Assurance certified New Horizons
• Fundamentals of management: online training. University of California
• The art of negotiation: online training. University of California
• Public speaking: online training. University of Washington
• Microeconomics Principles: online training University of Illinois
• Macroeconomics Principles: online training University of Illinois

• secrets of the Law of Attraction and the universe. AlAbjadya training center. (NLP: Nerve Language Programming)
• IFRS & Intermediate Accounting Courses. Sky Education
(Windows, Word, Excel, Access, Internet, PowerPoint, IT)

Skills and interests

• Charismatic personality and leadership skills

• Open minded and flexible to change

• Negotiation and public speaking skills

• Teamwork management and leading group workers

• respecting diversity and multicultural events

• Languages:
English: excellent (TOEFL PBT: 566 – GRE: 70%)
Arabic: native language

• ICDL: high experience in computer science

(Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, Access, Internet, PowerPoint, IT)


• Fast typing techniques (English and Arabic).
• Driving license.
• Translation, instant interpreting and sworn translation skills.
• Sports (football, basketball, Billiards, table tennis)
• Reading and translating graphic novels
• Movie and CNN news instant translating
• Training and mentoring young entrepreneurs and youth to build new capacities and develop their skills & competencies.


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